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01 Jul

Here we go…

I love starting a new blog. On one hand the thought of a hungry blog sitting there growling for new posts presses on your shoulders like a spilling book shelf. On the other hand the thought of the unlimited journey of words, thoughts and stories makes you as happy as a child about to leave on a trip to the beach.

Thanks Harry for installing wordpress and setting up Under the current load it seems to hold out fine, I guess you just survived the first 30 minutes after installation. Where are you hosting? I’m about to switch to a new hoster, as resurrecting my tomcat out of the dark depths of my current host’s swap space takes forever.

As for this blog, expect me back at some point. Definitely when I suddenly find myself with lots of time and nothing at hand, hopefully much sooner. I don’t have many bike plans ahead of me, so I’ll have to dig up some old notes and pix, but I’ll do my best!

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    Harry Says:

    Hey Rom, welcome at the BikeTravellers 🙂
    This is hosted at slhosts, great people with excellent support.

    But enough about hosters, show us the pictures of your cycle trip 🙂

    ps: nice theme!

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